Topic Requests/Future Topics

If anyone wants me to write about a particular topic, here’s a place to let me know. No guarantees I’ll tackle it – but if I have sufficient expertise on the topic I’ll probably take it on.

A few topics I’m planning in the future include: salt in canned foods, “toxins” in vaccines, and the effects of traffic on the health of people living near major roads.

4 Responses to Topic Requests/Future Topics

  1. Robin says:

    Mercury toxicity. My husband has high mercury levels with symptoms that may or may not relate. He cut out all fish…and mercury levels remain high 2 years later. He’s researching amalgams and mercury. I’m curious if you’ve ever looked into this in your research (I didn’t find it using Search).

    Thank you for your great blog!


  2. ashartus says:

    Hi Robin. I have done a fair amount of work on mercury toxicity and exposure, and am planning a couple of mercury-related posts when I get time. I’m curious how you know your husband has high mercury levels? Some medical practitioners have been using “provoked” urine tests, but these are not reliable at all and make it appear that mercury levels are higher than they really are, especially since they are usually compared to normal “non-provoked” levels.

  3. Bill says:

    Given the recent hysteria over it, how about diet soda? I’ve been hearing for years about a whole host of supposed ill-effects from artificial sweeteners. What do you have to say?

  4. ashartus says:

    Another good topic. I’m hoping to get to the mercury stuff Robin requested in the next week or so once my workload is a bit more under control, but I’ll look at something on artificial sweeteners soon too. I have kind of mixed feelings on them.

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