Unfortunately the bad guys sometimes win

Epidemiology blogger “EpiRen” has been shut down by an antivaxer called “Mr. X” (reportedly Rhett S. Daniels in real life). EpiRen did not conceal his real identity, so when Mr. X couldn’t win an argument based on reason, he went to EpiRen’s employers (the Department of Public Health) and threatened legal action. Unfortunately EpiRen’s employers caved in and forced EpiRen to stop blogging about public health issues if he wanted to keep his job. More on this story here, here and here.

This is the reason why I and many other science bloggers use a pseudonym. Mr. Daniels reportedly owns Captiva Pharmaceuticals – another company to avoid doing business with for ethical people.


3 Responses to Unfortunately the bad guys sometimes win

  1. i don’t get it? i didn’t stop reading Epi’s posts on scientific topics, why should someone ban my product?

  2. Rhett S. Daniels MSc says:

    at least i’m not as bad as:

    the below is the result of nine months of research into how evil mankind is.

    dnepropetrovsk murders (3 young guys bludgeon and then torture a man with a screwdriver):

    dagestan massacre (6 russian soldiers killed by muslims very slowly):

    mexican dr learns to cut heads off and choke victims simultaneously by using their own blood:

    burnt alive in kenya for witchcraft (nice slow roasting):

    boys torturing dog in mexico (dog kept hanging around, strange?):

    slow beheading of christian (allah akbah):

    korean christian missionary begs for his life before beheading (“I too yung, I wunt to lieve, I want to go to Korea…too yung!”):

    man ripped in half (bike cop) still alive and laying in street with no lower torso.:

    high dive off cliff goes wrong. splits face and is conscious:

    compared to that i’m a saint!

  3. AKBAL says:

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