The 2011 “Pigasus” Awards

The James Randi Educational Foundation has announced this year’s winners of their “Pigasus Awards” for “the most deserving charlatans, swindlers, psychics, pseudo-scientists, and faith healers.” Their winners are excellent choices:

Richard B. Hoover of NASA won the Scientist Pigasus Award for his really poor quality paper on microscopic life in meteorites in a pseudo-science publication called Journal of Cosmology that somehow all the news outlets (led by Fox News) thought was a credible source and jumped all over.

CVS/pharmacy won the Funder Pigasus Award for supporting manufacturers of scam homeopathic “medications” and offering their own store-brand homeopathic product, scamming the public for hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, of Oprah fame, won the Media Pigasus Award (for the 2nd year in a row) for promoting quack medical advice and other nonsense to the public.

Televangelist Peter Popoff won the Performer Pigasus Award and “Best Comeback” after being exposed as a fraud in 1980’s and returning to make millions of dollars offering “supernatural debt relief.”

Andrew Wakefield, the fraud whose work and statements led to the modern anti-vaccine movement and vaccine-autism fears, won the Refusal to Face Reality Award by continuing to claim to be a victim (unlike the real victims – children who became seriously ill or died thanks to him and others in the anti-vaccine movement).

More details are in the original press release.

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