Measuring mercury exposure (and why provoked urine testing is the wrong way to do it)

February 18, 2011

A commenter by the name of “Robin” asked for information on mercury toxicity a while back due to her husband having reported high mercury levels. My workload is finally getting close enough to being under control that I can tackle this. However, it’s a complicated topic with a few different aspects. Before I actually get into some of the effects of mercury, I think a bit of context is important. So for this first post I’m going to talk about how mercury exposure is measured and how to know if mercury levels really are elevated. I’ll follow that up with some future posts (hopefully within the next week or so) about where this mercury exposure is coming from, and what the effects can be [Update: part 2 on some causes of high mercury levels is here, and part 3 on the different types of mercury is here]. Some of the concepts in this post build on an earlier entry on measuring chemicals in blood and urine.

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More scam artists resorting to legal action

February 3, 2011

No new post of my own this week – I took on a couple of big contracts on short timelines in my paying job. In the meantime, since if there’s one thing I can’t abide it’s scam artists using legal action to try to shut up scientists who expose them, here are a couple of videos – one exposing a scam artist, and a follow-up talking about the resulting threats of legal action.