Still Alive

For anyone checking by here regularly, I apologize for the lack of recent updates. My “spare” time has been consumed looking after a new baby for the past couple of weeks, but I hope to be back to weekly posting within the next few days.

One Response to Still Alive

  1. Everett Williams says:

    Congratulations, and take all the time that you can. I took a week off of my job each time we had a child, and it paid off. Those little girls spent the first week of their lives sleeping in the middle of my chest and then being handed to momma to feed. That connection was very important when their Mother died of cancer when they were 5 and 9. I would not worry about such disasters, but that connection that you make now will be very important as time goes on. Good luck. By the way, mine are now 30 and 33 and they are still my girls.

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